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Redirect to thanks page

New Member

Redirect to thanks page

I've searched and searched for an answer to the question:
How do I redirect the subscriber to a thanks confirmation page on my site after they have signed up to a Constact Contact mailing list?

From what I've read on these forums, I have to request from CC and get permission to use an API to program a redirect page. Then I have to code something within PHP to set up the redirect page. Is this correct?

Having used Vertical Response before, adding a thanks page is a simple change in one setting on their account page.

Is there no other way with CC to redirect a subscriber to the thanks page, other than using an API? This is a basic function IMO, and should be part of the standard setup in CC. Did I miss some setting in the account settings in CC?
Solution Provider

Redirect to thanks page

No, CC does not allow you to point to a Thank you page on your web site.

Here is the link to the API forum and documentation: