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Reprots: Why so limited?


Reprots: Why so limited?

The data that CC stores is invaluable to it's users when assessing the impact of their use of CC, determining be the best time/day to send emails, evaluating what subject lines work best, etc., etc. Yet there's no way for us to import the data into Excel yet?

This would greatly expand the value we get from our use of CC (not to mention giving us the ability to measure that value).

Also, it would be great to see some reports that transcend particular emails - for instance, I was just trying to figure out which links have been most popular, yet not only does such a report exist but I would also need to manually data-enter this info from each individual email report (since, again, we can't import to Excel yet).

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Re: Reprots: Why so limited?

I agree kgilnack.


1) I often include specific urls in multiple email campaigns, and I like to cross compaire in which campaigns they are the most effective.  The way CC presents the data now, requires time-consuming offline manipulation to make the data consistent for Excel.  I end up storing the way CC displays the URL vs our actual URL and mapping back to that after every email campaign.  Its ineffcient.


2) I send our monthly newsletter to thousands of people.  I break the group typically into 4 or 5 subsets so I can highlight the most relevant article to that specific sub-group.  With the exception of the subject line, the content is identicle.  So when I'm trying to measure click through rates for Link A in newsletter wave 1 versus Link A in newsletter wave 2 - it again is very time consuming.  I wish there was a report in CC that filtered through my emails and pulled out unique URLS.  Then reported on click through rates across all campaigns. (Maybe a summary grid and also a per wave grid.)

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Re: Reprots: Why so limited?

Hi Whitney,


I definitely see how being able to easily export your data into an excel file would help with reports. This feature has been requested before and I have added your feedback for the product owner to see. This feature is currently under review.





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