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SMS Initiated Campaigns

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SMS Initiated Campaigns

We use Constant Contact for our church's bulk Email. I am the youth minister, and I have found it to be an invaluable resource. I have an idea for your consideration...

I was out of state the week before Christmas and we had snow back home. We needed to cancel a meeting, but I had no Internet access where I was. It was very cumbersome to get somebody on the phone and walk her through setting up a campaign, selecting the lists, and so forth.

How great it would have been if I could have simply sent an an SMS (text) message from my phone and had that initiate a campaign.

I'm thinking that there could be a default SMS template and an SMS list. Constant Contact would need to have a special number to TXT to (like Twitter does). When a message comes in, it automatically initiates a campaign with the content placed into the default SMS template.

I know it's not exactly what Constant Contact is about, but I think a good number of non-profits who use it would find such a system to be valuable.
Solution Provider

SMS Initiated Campaigns

Personally, as a person who works with a non-profit youth focused organization, I would much rather use a service that is dedicated to handling the type of messaging I want to do.

We use text messaging extensively, and text-messaging services have what you need, and are generally reasonably priced for non-profits.

Plus, I use my text messaging service to remind my youth (who don't ever seem to read email) to check the latest campaign, whose URL I post in the text.