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Slices Messed Up in Hotmail & Yahoo

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Slices Messed Up in Hotmail & Yahoo


I've searched around the forum a bit and couldn't find this question, so please forgive me if it's been asked already... but I sliced up an image in ImageReady and just copied the html from there and pasted in the advanced editor in constant contact. The preview of the email looked perfect on here, so I sent a test email to a few different addresses. It looked fine on my business email through entourage and on my iphone, but it put gaps between some of the slices in hotmail and yahoo making the slices unaligned. I've tried bin several browsers and had the same problem. Even contacted constant contact, the guy said he saw the same problem but couldn't help me.

I tried taking it into dreamweaver and setting all the alignments on the images to "top" to try to see if that would help... but it didn't. The code is a basic table... Does anyone know what could be going on?


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Slices Messed Up in Hotmail & Yahoo

I am guessing that you used a to put the image together.

If you did, then try modifying the
tag, so that it says: