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Spam Complaint

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Spam Complaint

Hi, new user here getting ready to send my first campaign out. I actually am using this as a newsletter/communication tool for our distributors so shouldn't have any problems. However the email:spam ratio for getting locked out concerns me a bit. (If it's 5000:1 as was stated previously) I'm currently sending out around 120 emails which I expect to grow to a few hundred as staff gets added. Still it seems that all it will take is one report to get me locked out. Is this a cause of concern enough to warrant having a backup plan, or am I over-reacting to forum chatter?
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Spam Complaint

A couple of interesting things happened this afternoon.

1) I noticed that my spam reports started to climb again. Mostly aol clients. I think some of them are getting home from work early and checking their email.

2) I was explaining to my client today some of the problems we're hitting with spam complaints and how I think that most people don't understand the difference between the "report as spam" button and the delete button. He said "Well, that's what I do, I just have everything go to my bulk folder then, once in a while, I'll just go in, select everything, remove what I recognize, and then hit the 'report as spam' button. That's one of the things I like about earthlink."

I nearly fell out of my chair.
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Spam Complaint

Amazing, simply amazing! We are all scared to death of the horrific word "spam", yet we are all complaining in the wrong direction. It's Washington, stupid! Start calling your idiot representative and tell him or her that you are a legitimate small business, and that you are sick and tired of being treated like a criminal.

We all know that the average consumer doesn't have the sense to come in out of the rain, why would they know what button to hit, or what the result would be for hitting the spam button? Many of them hardly know where the button is to turn the computer on with, so they sure are not going to know the difference of what buttons they hit.

Advertising has run unabated throughout history, until the most sophisticated communications tool became reality, then all of a sudden, people didn't want advertising. They forget that without it they wouldn't have an income, regardless of what work they do. It's time for us to remind them. Funny, though. Their favorite sports teams wear advertising, play in stadiums full of advertising, including the name, they watch tv where there is more advertising than content, and never say a word. So why do they complain about the internet? We need to find out and change it.

As for CC, they had better get a heads up quick. or it would appear they are about to lose much of their business. I'm a relatively new user, but I sure as heck am going to start looking for alternatives. CC doesn't seem to understand that they should be representing us, not the ISP's.

As for AOL, it's junk, always has been, evidently always will be, so why would CC pay any attention to spam reports coming from them? Hotmail, same thing. Yahoo, very close. When all the suggestions are added up, we would all need to be IT professionals, and I for one, am not. I run a business, a small business, and simply don't have time to spend on the computer all day, let alone time to learn all the technicalities. If I did that, I would change what I do for a living.

Let's all think about really giving CC an earfull. Call them, email them, don't just complain on this forum, since they don't seem to pay much attention to it, other than to send me "spam" about joining it. funny, they acn send what they like, we can't. So get up off our duffs, let's start a major campaign of sending emails and calls CC's way. Maybe, just maybe we can get them to listen a little more, and finally represent their customers, who, by the way, seem far more intelligent than the "average consumer" mentioned above.

I'm gonna get off here now and send CC an email.
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Spam Complaint

I've had a similar problem but have resigned myself to the fact that nothing I do makes a difference.
I recently changed to confirmed opt-in and lost half my subscribers over night. I posted a blog on my website telling my customers that they needed to opt-in but it didn't make too much difference.
I now find that most of the people joining my list don't confirm so the list of unconfirmed subscribers is growing at the same rate as my list of confirmed subscribers.

I've given my customers choices as to how often they want to receive emails, so they know what frequency to expect and the content is explained at sign-up, they can either receive a weekly 'new in' email or a monthly update. I've covered everything, but at the end of the day you can't stop someone clicking the spam button as most of them don't even know what it does.

Funnily enough one of my friends accidentally reported my email as spam and then re-joined the mailing list a few days later after I mentioned it to her. She didn't even realise she had done it!

I will be emailing constant contact today because I really think that something needs to be done.
New Member

Spam Complaint

I also have seen an increase in spam reports. 3-4 each time now.
Funny thing is everyone on my list has to add themselves to get on. Very frustrating.

Is there a way to not allow aol users to sign up?

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Spam Complaint

I have had ZERO spam reports in the 10 months I have been using CC. I only have about 175 people on my list, but I think I have been able to avoid the spam issue mainly because I make it clear in the footer of at least half the emails that we will keep their email addresses confidential.
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Spam Complaint

Hey, guys, read this, it's important!

I posted yesterday, and suggested that we email CC and let them know how we feel. I ended by saying I was going to get off and email them. I did so. what a surprise I got this morning when my phone rang and it was Maureen Royal, Senior Director of Community from Constant Contact. She was extremely, and I can't emphasize that enough, extremely helpful, concerned, and willing to discuss the issues at length.

Maureen told me of the many things CC is trying to do on our behalf regarding this spam situation. She was willing to listen to my rants, and she seemed to really care. From what she has told me, CC is doing everything within their power to get the spam issues taken care of, and this is important, on our behalf.

We had a long discussion of the problems with AOL and others like them, and she said CC is very much aware of these issues, and is talking with AOL on a continuos basis about just that, including the frightening spam button.

what I'm driving at here is, simply put, CC is representing us, CC is fighting the battle for us, CC is on our side. they have been extremely active in all arenas on our behalf, including the wonderful utopia of Washington, DC, where all the idiots who attempt to control our lives for their financial gain hang out. They have been part of the discussions and have had major imput in suggested legislation, etc.

Now what this means for you is a couple of things. One, you are with a company that obviously cares about its customers, us, and goes to bat for us. Two, they value your imput, so give it to them when you can, don't just rant here, actually email or contact them and discuss issues with them. I'll add a third, they try to stay out of the discussions here, so we can have free reign, but I suspect you'll see a bit more of them in the future. They are not in hiding, just wanting to stay out of the way where they can, but they are doing all they can, and with our help, we can win this.

So, don't lose heart, stay in the battle, add what positive you can, give workable solutions or ideas, and we'll all make this work. It's been a very long time since I've written a company an email and had a phone call back in less than 12 hours! That, alone, gives me hope, and it should for you as well.
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Spam Complaint

I'll add a P.S. I had an AOL account that I rarely used. After all this, I called them this morning and canceled the account. they are so efficient that it took me the better part of 30 minutes to get it done. They tried to keep me by upselling me with all kinds of junk. This is definitely a company that needs to go out of business, since in all their years they have not learned anything.
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Spam Complaint

I am glad I found this community because I am going through the ringer with CC right now. I am complying CAN-SPAM act. We have been in business a long time and people have to actively sign up for our newsletter and then have to confirm the email account. Our spam count is way up and its hard to do anything about it given that someone could jsut hit a simple spam button and boom we get jacked.

I am currently trying to work through this issue with CC. But, I am also looking at other providers so any suggestions would be welcome.


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Spam Complaint

How do you even know where the spam complains are coming from.
I wonder if you can track Spam via IP address's. I am certain that many competitors take the time to acquire new yahoo, hotmail, aol or other email address's expressly to hit the spam button.
We too have seen the reports soar recently without any reason - I think we have our clients competitors filing bogus spam complaints - I mean if you opt into an email list and that is how we got your address how can you even qualitfy as a legit spammer? Simply opt out!
Thanks for letting me vent!