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Spam Complaint

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Spam Complaint

I think that it is great that CC is listening and that they care and are concerned. However, what I need is action, resolution, to be able to mail my client’s content. My preference would be that CC “care” less about me and solve the issue, get it done instead of plying me with heart felt commiseration.

I am not here to help "win a battle" for CC. I am here to meet the needs of my clients. While waiting for some sort of solution, I went elsewhere to get the job done. What is interesting is that NONE of the issues I am faced with here at CC have manifested with the "other" company. All 185,000 names are getting mailed. To date I have no report data out of whack with other industry numbers , no SPAM complaints, no Gestapo-like inquisitions about where I got my list and "am I sure I took all the opt-outs, out?" It was quick, painless, easy, robust and most important of all, successful. This other vendor's attitude was “this is how we’ll get it done,” not “I’m sorry, this is why we can’t get it done.”

To help express the import of success, my client's list is part of a multi-million dollar revenue stream and to hear "we care" while the campaign floundered under what appears to be undue scrutiny is a hard pill to swallow.

A lot has been said that skews the finger toward AOL as the root of all SPAM evil. The report data that I am seeing doesn’t seem to support that. The number of successful opens and bounces are actually in the middle of the pack, Yahoo is near the top in performance. Go figure!

More and more, I am wondering if I have made the wrong choice. More and more, I wonder if the experts at CC really know what they are doing, if their expertise lies more in politics than in brute understanding of the industry and sufficient hunger for my business to call me and tell me how they’ll GET IT DONE!
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Spam Complaint

I would like to add a comment about "SPAMMING" or maybe it is a question. I have realized that the only time I have a SPAM report is when someone "OPTS" out. Why is that?

I know it's not spam because I sent a campaign to my customers who have not done business in a few months and send a special promotion, so I know that they gave us their address. How can this be counted as SPAM?

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Spam Complaint

Maybe it's just me, but I would rather not pay for emails that the recipient isn't reading.

In my next newsletter, I am sending out a message warning my subscribers that they will receive a confirm permission email and that unless they respond positively to that email, they will be scrubbed. So what if I lose 90% of my mailing list; it will be cheaper for me next month. I always have my snail mail list that nobody is accusing me of spamming.

I'm still marketing, I'm still garnering new subscribers but once that email goes out, ALL will be double opted-in, regardless of how they signed up.

Am I being overly optimistic that the >spam reports< will cease once I've done that???

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Spam Complaint

My thought on the double opt in is that it will work great in the short term. Down the road, when that subscriber forgets who you are, will probably hit the all too convenient "report as spam" button.

That does raise a question, though. If the subscriber is a confirmed opt in and still clicks the "report as spam" button, does that still count against us in our overall spam report count? I think it probably will since the ISP's don't care how the email address was obtained. They just care if the recipient hit their R.A.S. button.
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Spam Complaint

Seems like we're all in the same sinking boat when it comes to spam reporting. In the last three newsletters our spam rate has gone from a couple a newsletter to around 20 for a list that's 8-10k on average. I feel that the spam number is becoming less relevant because it's become too easy for people to hit the "spam button".

We are very thorough in making sure we have good names on the list, and that shows with a click through rate that's over 40%, so to have to do an opt-in (had to do that two newsletters ago) is an excercise in futility and all you're really doing is losing potential clients who just didn't take the time to respond to the opt-in email.

What's up CC - can you clarify what's obviously becoming an issue for several of your clients?

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Spam Complaint

Has anyone done a confirmed opt-in campaign at CC's "request" and had good results? Just about everything I see here indicates that it's basic "list suicide."
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Spam Complaint

I just had an amazing experience that I thought I'd share with you.

I just sent out a blast to a list of local customers. The list is comprised of double opt in clients who have done business with us at least twice in the past year, have opened emails in the past 30 days, and have been on the list less than 12 months. The content passed the CC, Lyris, and Ezine spam checkers with flying colors. The offer was specifically relevant to local customers. The subject line was subtle and referenced our company by name. I had my permission reminder set up with very prominant opt-out and confirm links. I'd say it was my best, most compliant, most user-centric pitch to date. :d So, how'd it go?

4 spam reports and 4 opt outs meaning that no one opted out. Everyone reported me as spam rather than opting out!:shock:

Every reporting address was hotmail or msn.

Can anyone see where I missed a step in preparing this blast?
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Spam Complaint

"Jacksonville Cruise Specials from Cruises and Tours Unlimited"

When I wrote the subject line, I thought "these people know who we are, live in Jacksonville, and have opened our emails previously...who would report me as spam?" Serves me right for thinking. lol...

Spam Complaint

I am glad we are having the webinar - I feel very upset about the spam thing. After all - there are real problem spammers, and yo u cant even get off their list. All of us are perfectly willing to take a name off the list - all they have to do is ask. I cant stop the 400 viagra and dirty emails that hit my junk mail every day!
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Spam Complaint

I will just add to this instead of starting a new topic...

I started here 2 months ago and therfore have only been here since the new policies have been in place. Nonetheless, CC allowed me to send out 2 campaigns of 7500 emails, without ever contacting me about the source of my list. Now, my list is totally legit (and yes I did get 12 and 6 spam complaints), but what if it wasn't. I could have been anybody, with any type of horrible list. And are those not the people who are ultimately ruining CC's reputation with the ISP's.

So here is my question. Are we, the paying customers, dealing with the results of CC not verifying the source of lists from the beginning?