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Spam Complaints

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Spam Complaints

I've noticed that my spam complaints have SOARED all of the sudden starting about a month ago. I'm talking about a 400+% increase. I haven't changed the way I aquire addresses in 3 years and my newsletter/content has remained consistant over this time. The only thing I've noticed is that the vast majority of spam complaints come from aol and hotmail. Has anyone else noticed this?
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Spam Complaints

Yes, I have....our complaints soared also. Constant contact has changed its reporting with aol and msn. From the article that I read it was done so Constant Contact could stay on the "good" side of these providers and also so they could remain in compliance with all anti-spamming laws.

I just sent out a "Please help us" newsletter letting people know that anti-spamming laws have changed and we needed to go through our contacts and update.

In the letter, I just asked that if they were no longer interested in getting our newsletters/promotions to please opt out at the bottom of the page. And for those who wanted to continue to recieve our emarketing....we offered them a $$$ off coupon to use with their next purchase and asked that they use promo code....UPDATE.

It seems to have worked....we had some opt out, most stayed in and only a couple of spam reports.

Hope this helps....