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Survey link in Newsletter?


Survey link in Newsletter?

I created a survey and was wondering if there was any way to link to the survey from the newsletter, or do they each HAVE to be sent out separately?

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Survey link in Newsletter?

Yes, you can add a survey link to a newsletter or any email created from the Email tab. When editing the contents of a block, look on the lefthand side of the screen for the "More insert options" menu. Click that and you'll see "Survey Link" as a choice. Click that and you'll be able to insert a link for any survey that you have created and made live.
Jennifer Bubriski
Group Product Manager

Inserting a Survey into a Campaign

Hi! I created my first email campaign and thought I could insert a survey for my subscribers. I choose a "feedback" template, but now I am not certain I can add this additional element. Thank you! 

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Re: Inserting a Survey into a Campaign



Thanks for your question! You can definitely insert a link to your Survey within your Campaign. You just have to publish your Survey first. Once your Survey is published, follow these steps below:


  1. Open up your Campaign to edit it
  2. Click to edit the block where you want to insert the survey 
  3. On the left under Insert you will see Survey/Poll Link > Click that
  4. Type in what you want the text to say in the Link Name box
  5. Choose the Survey/Poll from the drop down menu
  6. Click Insert

And that's it!


 Any questions let us know!