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Text Only Email

New Member

Text Only Email

Hi guys,

I've been wondering if a 'plain text only' option for sending email is anywhere on the horizon?

My situation is such that we have a newsletter that was started some time ago and it has historically been plain text formatted. Over the last few years, we have tried more than once to convert it to HTML (most recently because constant contact won't facilitate a plain text campaign without messing with subscriber settings), but when we do, the response rate plummets and we retreat back to what wasn't broken in the first place.

What would be great for us, is if when creating emails, you have an option to force everyone no matter their format choice to receive plain text email.

Anyone else having this issue? I know that HTML is pretty and fun, but sometimes it's just not the tool for the job and in this case it means that i have to maintain my mailing list in two different places.

Any ideas or comments are appreciated.