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Time Release/Drip Fed Campaigns


Time Release/Drip Fed Campaigns

I'd like the ability to create a campaign, which consists of many sub-campaigns. I could then schedule when the sub-campaigns are sent.

For instance, if somebody signs up for a five-week course, I could have my "5 week course" campaign, which sends email #1 straight away, then email #2 after 1 week, email #3 after 10 days, etc.


Time Release/Drip Fed Campaigns

If CC offerred a serial autoresponder (which is what you are describing) I would make use of it.

I installed this type of software on a server I own. I had to make some modifications to the PHP code, and sendmail configuration. It is a pain. And it still is not integrated with anything. I need several hundred hours of my time to get full functionality working the way I would like. I'd prefer to just buy it for $35/month as a turnkey application.

I also saw this feature on a competitor's service (Intellicontact). I may use their's, but overall I prefer what CC has much better. Except of course for the lack of a serial autoresponder.

I intend to offer some mini-courses on topics related to my business. A serial autoresponder is what I will need for this. I've only had the CC mail list for about three weeks. I'm still getting my automation started and find CC great for this so far.

Time Release/Drip Fed Campaigns

Export your current mail list email addresses as a file, then add the list back to five separate "interest groups".

You can then schedule five separate mailings to the same list members at five different dates/times whenever you want.

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Time Release/Drip Fed Campaigns

Why would you need to upload to 5 new Interest Categories? Couldn't you create the Interest Category - 5 Week Program - and schedule 5 different email campaigns over the time period?
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