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Upload List Management

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Upload List Management

I'm still developing my system for managing my CC list. So far, I have found it easier to maintain a "master" list on my end and to use it for all my edits. Using a spreadsheet, I can maneuver the list easier and make the changes/deletes/additions I need to. I then just upload the list when I'm done. To keep my list current, I start the process with a download and then compare the two lists. Seems like a lot of work, but I have contacts coming at me from the web (CC), from shows, from phone calls, etc.

Here is one question I have:
When I delete a contact in my list, the deleted contact still remains on the CC side after upload. Any way to solve this other than my manually updating the CC list as well.

A related issue, if I change an e-mail address on my master list (say to fix a bad address), an upload just adds the change as a new contact and leaves the original entry in the CC list. Any easy solutions?

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Upload List Management

If you want to delete from your Constant Contact list and you have the addesses in a spreadsheet just upload them to a new, temporary list. In Constant Contact you can then view the list, select all put them on your Remove or Do Not Mail lists. Your list will now be empty and you can delete it.

As far as changing and email list on your master list, when you upload, Constant Contact sees that as a new address. You can delete the old addresses in the same was as above.


P.S. I think it would be easier if you used Constant Contact as your master list. When you get new contacts from shows and phone calls, just upload that list. Constant Contact takes care of the comparison for you by adding only the new contacts.
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Upload List Management

Thanks Richard. I have found the CC list somewhat cumbersome to use. Maybe it just takes practice. I'll try using CC as the master list and see how it goes.