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Web site tool?

New Member

Web site tool?

Hi folks

Is there a web site tool available to integrate with CC? Ie Where do you publish the articles that you are sending via the email newsletter?

Also, I'd like to be able to ask people to sign up to the newsletter to e.g. download a white paper.

Many thanks,

Solution Provider

Web site tool?

There is no tool to automatically populate your web site with your articles.

However, you can get the code for adding a sign-up box to your web site under the "My Settings" tab, and choosing "Site Visitor Signup "
Solution Provider

Web site tool?

You can utilize Email Campaign Archive (add on service from Constant Contact), which lets you instantly turn the emails you've already sent into easy-to-view web pages.

Solution Provider

Web site tool?

Sorry to correct you Dad :-). There might not be any tool to populate your website with your articles, but there's certainly a tool to do it the other way around, check out and more specifically the news module which can be found at the bottom of this page:, it integrates with Constant Contact out of the box. A great way not to have to go elsewhere than Constant Contact, and integrate your marketing efforts nonetheless.

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