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What can Spammers do that I can't?

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What can Spammers do that I can't?

Ever since I have Outlook 2007, I am wondering were e-mail marketing is going in the future when images don't show unless you change your preferences. All legit e-mails, including my campaigns, are coming in with images blocked. However, spammers seem to be able to circumvent that feature.
I am receiving Spam that shows images immediately. I also received Spam that shows background images which supposedly does not work in Outlook 2007.
I promise, I never visited their site, I never added them to my address book or added them to my "trusted sender list". What are they doing that I can't do with my campaign?

Any ideas?
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What can Spammers do that I can't?

Look at the email addresses they are using. The odds are they are using an address you have already accepted (even possibly your own!).

And, if you use the Microsoft Validation Tool for Outlook 2007, you can get many things to work.

Check out this post in the CC forum from December 2007, it has a lot of links: