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What if someone new subscribes?

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What if someone new subscribes?

This question may be answered somewhere but I could not find it - sorry if it is repeating something already covered.

We have sent out our first newsletter and then, a week later, a marketing email using Constant Contact. I am working out some of the more obvious things but something has occurred to me after subscribing a couple of the people in our office so they get to see the emails too.

I subscribed them via the link on our home page and they did not get sent the email that had just been sent out the day before.

Is there any way to set up the program so that people who subscribe after the emails are sent will be sent the most recent posting? This would be great as I will only be sending out the newsletters on a monthly basis and there are lots of important things that we ask our members to do that are very much time-based so if they can get them right after subscribing, that would be very helpful.

Thanks to anyone for your advice.

All the best,

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What if someone new subscribes?

Automatically ... no.

However, all you need to do is to go to the Reports page for your last campaign, and click the "Re-send" button. You can choose to send to those who have subscribed since the last campaign was sent, or, you can send to a whole new set of email addresses, that will not be subscribed to your list (this is handy when a subscriber accidentally deletes a campaign and asks for you to send it again).

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What if someone new subscribes?

Ah Ron, once again you have come to my rescue! :-)

I had seen the resend there and had thought it meant resend to everyone so it scared me LOL.

I really appreciate your clearing that up for me - thanks once again,
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What if someone new subscribes?

Yes! thanks so much for this response. I was also *nervous* that RESEND would mean to the entire list. I appreciate the ability to see beyond the button, and I wish CC would at least put in something in parentheses to let us know what's behind the button.

There should be alot easier and more direct way to send to 1 or a couple email addresses should they decide to subscribe and/or accidentally delete a mailing.