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What's Your Open Rate?

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What's Your Open Rate?

Hi there everyone

I have been using Constant Contact since May of 2004, and have sent a total of 31 campaigns, for two separate companies. My overall open rate if 41.9% and my click rate is 60.8%. These figures vary a bit, but are remarkably consistent even across several companies.

My companies are a women and children's clothing company:

and a website for for a jazz band

There are a few disciplines that I always follow:

1. I always send the e-mail on a Monday or a Tuesday. I send the e-mail at the time I open on the WEst Coast so that people who want to call won't get an answering machine.

2. I make sure that there is a NEW Product, and preferably (for my clothing store) something on SALE.

3. I religiously remove undeliverable and bounced e-mail addresses from the list (except mailbox full)
(This is really really important)

4. I never send more than once a month.

Although, in the past, my spam reports wwere very low, recently they spiked. I"m not sure what is going on, but pruning my mailing list has helped to keep that down a bit.

For myself, I do not like to get slammed with e-mails from companies all the time. My e-mail box is getting more and more clogged with unsolicited mailings, so I try to keep that in mind when I contact my customers.

I do think that Constant Contact is the most powerful tool I have encountered (since the internet itself) for marketing my business, and I can always count on a huge response to every e-mail in terms of new orders.


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What's Your Open Rate?

Oh, I forgot to say that I usually send out e-mail campaigns to about 5000-6000 people.


What's Your Open Rate?

I'm a romance writer and I send out a monthly (usually) newsletter, as well as a contest newsletter when I'm running one. I have an average open rate of 62% and an average click-through rate of 48.2%.

I think the percentages are better-than-average because, as someone else said, my list is targeted.
Everyone on my list is someone who has signed up for it via my web site, blog, Yahoo! Group, survey, or at a book signing, thus they are getting information from me because they requested it and/or are interested in my work.

Also, I only send out information monthly -- so they don't feel spammed -- and I try to include interesting information in my newsletter, including give-aways or contest announcements, so my readers are getting something of interest to them, too, and it's not just about me.

Rachelle Chase
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What's Your Open Rate?

578 active subscribers
32.9% average open rate
36.7% average click-throughs
------------------------------------->>We had 624 subscribers, but I just deleted a bunch of bounces!
AND...yes, I'd like to know if the #s above are good or bad? Is this by industry or by what? Who can provide insight on these #s. We get sales definitely, especially when we limit the sales (like one day only promo)...BUT YES, I'd like to see more analysis or insight into these #s and how to get them higher!

Hello...I'm HAIRADDONS of HAIRADDONS.COM. We sell wigs and women's hairpieces online and in our store, which is now called Fashion Accessory Depot, we sell wigs, hair, and alot of handbags and jewelry. Our online store has about 400 items maybe; 95% of it hair of some sort. So we use CC to stay in touch w/ our online folks only. We have not collected any 'in-store' emails.

Well...I've been on and off constant contact for about a year (which there are months when I'm too busy to do anything, which is bad! )...

We've used Constant Contact (CC) to promote our OVERSTOCKS, CLOSEOUTS, and NEW ITEMS. I try to do it once a month, but lately I've managed to get it done twice a month. It's funny and I might be wronged, but I've found that the more I massage my customer base, such as keeping in touch with them through SECRET SALES, etc. the more the buy. I've seen a big upswing in sales on our website that are OUTSIDE of the promos. It's almost like these CC emails wake them up and say 'hay, we're still here'. They may not buy using the promo codes in the CC email, but they come and buy other items. So it works, I guess. I guess customers are like friends - if you want to be a good one, you have to keep in touch and do it often (I just need another set of hands!)...

I tyically use the PROMO layout, which I wish they'd update and add more promo layouts :idea:

Today I'm going to hop on CC and try to move a few of my overstocked wigs. I'm excited to have joined the forum today and I hope to learn alot!

Thanks, Tresha

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What's Your Open Rate?

Our open rate varies depending upon the subject and interest category mailed to.

We are an association and do several types of mailings:
local-regional events/classes, (20% open, 3% click-thru, which sounds low but is actually good for these)
international or annual events, (25% open, 15% click-thru, could be better)
newsletters tailored to interest category (~65% open, 10% click-thru--there's typically NOT much specific to click-thru to...)
marketing (30% open, click-thru varies)

I have noticed that e-mails where we put our association's initials in brackets FIRST, then the subject, the open-rate goes up significantly.

One sent last night to our entire list (~14,200):
For your convenience...
has so far a 30% open rate and a 48% click-thru rate, which is great for us when mailing to our entire list.

The e-mail was a multiple-choice question. To get the answer, they had to follow a link which took them to the answer on our website. We're really trying to get a better click-though rate because we want our members to visit our site more--we're doing daily updates to it, so by sending regular (every 2 weeks) e-marketing pieces highlighting the latest feature, we hope to create more traffic on our site--and hopefully gain new members by referral.


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What's Your Open Rate?

We started in March with Constant Contact, and sen dout a quarterly newsletter. After the first two we have an open rate of 32%, and a CT of 11%, with approx. 2300 recipients.
Considering our readership, I think these are good numbers (even though there is always room for improvement).
One issue however that I have are the 'false opens': If somebody has a preview window open, this will count as opened (according to what Constant Contact told me). That could mean that the numbers we have are lower? oes anybody have any ideas on how strong preview windows in Outlook affect the statistics?
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What's Your Open Rate?

My open rate is between 25% & 35%. My target market is realtors, movers and title companies. I sell new and used moving boxes. I try to get the attention of other proffessionals who deal with consumers who are moving. If I put the word SALE on the title I get a better open rate.
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What's Your Open Rate?

Yuhooo...Queenie here...I have a 49.7% rate with only a 11% click thru rate. But in my royal defense, there's practically nothing to click thru too since my newsletter is strictly a humor-style newsletter with everything in the body. The only thing to "click thru" is links to fav pages, or to buy one of my books.

This newsletter is two years old (was on AOHell), but only three months old using CC. So I'm not complaining. The sales that have generated out of using CC has paid for itself, so I'm happy.

Now if this doesn't INCREASE, well...then I'll have to rethink my strategy. Baby needs a new pair of shoes, and a new car wouldn't hurt. But so far it has increased a tad each month.

My guess is the reason it's above average (is that what you called it previously?) would be because it's humor and let's face it...everybody wants to laugh at I right?

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What's Your Open Rate?

My average open rate is 47.9% and my click through is 28.6% which I don't think is bad.

My newsletter is called Tap Into Your Potential! and is about EFT which is a technique for emotional issues, which uses tapping on stress release points.

Interesting to read others stats - thanks!

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What's Your Open Rate?

I get 50-52 percent open rates consistently. My email goes out to a bunchof people who do travel with me every year, so they are really looking at updates. That accounts for about 30-50 of the opens (out of about 250) I give news updates on walking for health, some product reviews, info on hikes and walks I'm doing locally and excerpts from my latest book, Walk Your Way Through Menopause. I used to write for a national magazine so I have some 'fans' who like to read what I write. But my ability to sell anything other than one event, called a Walkers Rally, has been dismal. Im not getting enough new customers who want to hike in Switzerland, etc. However, my website has gotten me new business through othe channels, like freelance writing and speaking -- because it looks so professional and active.

Maggie Spilnre