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What's Your Open Rate?

What's Your Open Rate?

I am new to this. So far I've sent three monthly newsletters. My average open rate is 45.9%. Click throughs: 37.2%. I'm pleased.

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What's Your Open Rate?

I've got an average of 40-50% so far but I'm just wondering how's the day in which the campign is sent related to the opening rate. Have any of you guys mesured that?
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What's Your Open Rate?

I do believe there is an FAQ topic on this. I would give you a direct link, but they are doing service on the "other" side of the house, so I can't get there from here.

What's Your Open Rate?

I think it is really hard to get people's attention. We give stock candidates and have a very high success rate. about 50% opens and 40% click thru and that is after 4 weeks. But I got an email today asking me "Where do I sign up for the seminar?" and when I told him that the newsletter had the registration link, he didnt even know he had been receiving the newsletter. :doubt: My conclusion, and from what I get in my emails, is that it is VERY hard to get attention. The CC newsletter is a great service though. I am thoroughly happy with the way it looks and the statistics I get, and this forum is great for learning and getting new ideas. But I gave a stock pick that went up 68% in 3 weeks - I will be curious to see if this increases the open rate! I also am trying a contest to see if that gets some new email addresses (Idea from here) - Candy at
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What's Your Open Rate?

we have a 25% open rate and 11% click through.
we are a book/gift store located in florida with a mailing list of +/- 3000.
we generally send 1 mailing a month (with anywhere from 3 to 12 product links).
i have been wondering for at least 6 months how to get those numbers up.
any ideas?
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What's Your Open Rate?

Greetings: This is my first post. I am a visual artist in Los Angeles and I use CC to advise collectors, friends, and folks who've expressed an interest in my art about exhibitions I'm in, articles in which I or my art appear, grants and fellowships I've received, and so forth.

Over the past six months I've sent out six campaigns, aimed at an average of 250 - 400 people, whose names fall into one of several several subscriber lists I've created. My open rate ranges from 50-70%.
Unlike many of you, I am not (usually) making, or offering, direct sales: I am interested in advising readers of my career developments and of upcoming shows/articles/interviews. So my goals are less immediate, and more directed at enhancing a feeling of inclusiveness among those familiar with my art.

What I have learned from the open rates is not only that they are always far less than half of what I see when I track who opened and when. But. more importantly, the detailed tracking shows that a hugely significant portion of my readers are forwarding my campaigns to others - albeit in ways that CC does not record.

For example, I sent out my newewst campaign, about an exhibit opening next Saturday, on September 1, to 373 correspondents: CC shows that thus far 162 people have opened it, for a rate of 45%. HOWEVER, tracking the who and when of the campaign shows it has been seen by a pretty staggering 395 people - what happens is a person's name reappears not only if she/he reopens, but also if it is sent out by them personally, rather than through CC's forward link.

I find that this reappearance of a recipient's name is great news to me, for it indicates that this person thinks my news is worthy of going out to someone else with her/his name attached to it: in other words, this word of mouth announcing is an added benefit of the program.

I'm very happy with CC.

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What's Your Open Rate?

We're different from most CC users, in that we are a NPO (synagogue in Needham, MA) and use it for congregational communications, much more efficient than bulk mailings, etc.
Many of our members subscribe at both a home and a work address.
We have an open rate of 6% and an overall click-through rate of 15% (to read the Rabbi's sermons posted, see on-line pix of recent events, read more about an upcoming event, etc).
I would be curious whether any other NPOs can share their stats.

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What's Your Open Rate?


Our open rate at Tech Networks of Boston is roughly 30% - however this is based upon sending our newsletter to 1850 people. So, that's roughly 400 people each time. However, our click through rate, is much's roughly 14%. Does anyone have any tips or tricks on how to get more people to open our newsletter?


Ahana Richards
Marketing Manager
Tech Networks of Boston

What's Your Open Rate?

We are a non-profit in the field of religion - a church. We have been using CC for over 5 yrs and our open rate is consistently between 38 - 50%. Our CT rate is less; running between 20 - 51% - a vast range!

There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to what makes our parishioners open or click through. We try to make our weekly newsletter very interesting and colorful; animations, etc.

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What's Your Open Rate?

Our open rate has been a consistent 56% range for the past 4 months. We publish a weekly newsletter (on our 18th issue) and it has never fallen below 50%. Our CTR is the same, at a 55.7% average. Never below 50%.

I never change my subject lines but i use a very personal approach with my readers.
Never call them by names. But write like if i was talking to them.

In spanish of course :d