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What's Your Open Rate?

What's Your Open Rate?

I am a Christian singer and I use the service for a monthly newsletter as well as the odd campaign to promote products. We find an open rate of 43.3% and click throughs of 8.6%. I would love to see more newsletter mockups from CC from someone that gets a high open rate to see what I am doing right and wrong. It might even be helpful if you could send your campaigns to them to review and give pointers on how to make them better. Andrew Martin
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What's Your Open Rate?

I send out e-news twice a month to private country club members (418 subscribers) and get 63-71% open with 21% click through. Most of our subscribers open within 1-2 days.

I've been doing this for eight months and our numbers have been pretty steady. All of our subscribers have signed up for the e-news though snail mailers or website link. Any new members are encouraged to subscribe upon joining and so far they all have.

I'm still trying to get the other 30% of our membership to sign on. Several snail mailers have proved unsuccessful. I guess some people are just stuck in the stone age.
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What's Your Open Rate?

Just finished the analysis of my last newsletter, and thought I would share these numbers.

More than 50% of our total opens happen the day the newsletter is published (58.5%). By the third day, more than three-quarters of the total number of opens have occurred (77.3%). Week day publishing always has a better initial open rate, than weekend publishing.

We publish at 3:15 a.m. (least amount of email traffic on the net). Our peak time for people to read our newsleter are 7-10 a.m., then again from 3-5 p.m., and 9 pm. As we have a number of young people on our email list, the 3-5 p.m. time slot generally identifies the time they are out of school.

64% of our email addresses (that open the newsletter) come from our top 7 domains - AOL, Yahoo, Bellsouth, Time Warner Roadrunner, AT&T, Earthlink, and Comcast. 17.5% of all our addresses that read the newsletter are on AOL.

We are currently averaging about 42.5% of our subscribers reading the newsletter on a system that will allow the 1x1 image to be captured. Click through is about 30%.

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What's Your Open Rate?

My open rates are usually 20-35% and Click thru's 15%. I wish I could get higher Open Rates and Click thru's. I do marketing for a coach who trains coaches in how to have more sustainabile businesses.

Also market for a janitorial company

And soon for a laundromat.

My fondest memory is sending to a 1,200 email list and getting a BIG CONTRACT from it for the janitorial company. Without marketing a lot of companies would really suffer.

~ Nancy
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What's Your Open Rate?

ilovemarketing wrote:
I would love to hear what people's open rates are. I know that a 30-40% rate is considered good. Are yours better or worse? If yours are low, do you have any thoughts on why? If they are better, can you share what you are doing that others can learn from? Thanks!:d

Exact Target recently came out with an Email Response Rate Study which included 4,000 Organizations ,230,000 Email Sends with 2.7 Billion email messages. One of the key findings was that smaller lists generate higher open rates. They broke the sizes into 3 groups.

The average open rates for the three groups for B2C emails:

1000 or Less = 43.5%
1001 - 10,000 = 28.8%
10,001 or more = 20.4%

We manage email programs for large list customers of over 350,000 subscribers and small list customers. Our open rates within these groups have the same size correlation with respect to open rates.

We have found that the key to increasing open and click-through rates is engaging the customer with emails that interest the customer. With every email starting with the subject, customers are asking "What's in this for Me?". We run a large number of contests and sweepstakes for our clients. We have found that interactive promotions such as contests and sweepstakes produce click-through rates 2 to 6 times the average email.

Hope this is useful,


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What's Your Open Rate?

Good to know that we are hitting the norms for our list size ...

I like the idea of promotions -- but I am also looking at how we can tie it in with the SMS messaging we have started. I am quite impressed with the work I see being done by Mobile Accord.
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What's Your Open Rate?

I provide handpainted items to my customers and most of them are customized to fit their needs so I send a newsletter when I have something new for them or to remind them that I am available for future work. My open rate is between 32% and 39% which I don't think is great. I keep wondering if the information I am getting is accurate. I don't have time to waste if it isn't. I see some people open the newsletter as much as 10 times!

Karen Laird
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What's Your Open Rate?

Dear ilovmarketing. Our open rates range between 5% to 50%. After much research on this, it appears that there are a dozen or so factors that contribute to this. Here are the top ones we see makeing an impact:

1. E-mail at a time of the day when your e-mail will not be lost with others. 10 am to 3 pm are good times. Late at night, over the weekend or early am are not good times, as they get bulked with others and the target recipient may not want to bother.
2. Have a VERY catching subject line. This is all people read to determine if they want to open, so make this something they can't turn away from.
3. Who is it from? If they know you, or your company, make sure this shows up.
4. Repetition is key for Drip Marketing via e-mail - Don't get frustrated wiith poor results on your first push to a target audience. Open rates increase over time.

Your message has to be very relivant to the target person. If you need more help, feel free ask. I am in the Sales/Marketing/Portal business and have a lot of expereicne at this.

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What's Your Open Rate?

I started using Constant Contact last week. I was really impressed with the 40+% open rate I saw on the reports until I found out today that the "open rate" includes multiple "opens" by the same receipient. I asked how that could be and a rep told me it's because some people may click more than once on the message and it'll show multiple opens. Some of my "opens" appeared a dozen times each!

Guess I better run my own reports from now on.
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What's Your Open Rate?

Hello Everyone, here is my story. I just sent my first CC newsletter approximately 32 hours ago. Out of 179 addresses, I have had 43.9% opens and 19.7% click throughs. I am very pleased and I'll bet as the weekend progresses, Opens will go somewhat higher.

I have a hair salon that is pretty high tech on the back side. I have spent the last 12 months acclimating my clients to on line scheduling which in itself has been a challenge. I took some knocks on this up front but I knew it would pay off and it has. I rarely have to answer the telephone when I am working on my clients.

The amazing thing about CC for me was that I downloaded my email address from my appointment scheduler and uploaded them into CC in minutes. In doing so, it parsed out some data that was duplicated due to family members using the same email address in my scheduler.

Within 5 hours after sending the email, I logged in over 30 appointments in my scheduler. One article in my newsletter advised clients to make holiday appointments in advance to secure the best times and dates.

Unfortunately, I had no direct product orders from my news letter; however, I had 5 replies from clients asking me to secure several special items I advertised. Although I am a bit disappointed with the click through ratio, the ones who did, went directly to pages in my web site I want my clients to look at. I am very pleased with this because I try to have my home page cover most of the revenue generating bases to save my clients time.

Unfortunately, this prevents them from visiting other pages in my site. I have some experience publishing news letters on paper so I loved the CC look and interface. Paper news letters have simply become too costly for my small business to produce and snail male any more. I made the mistake of sending out two prior newsletters just worked up with my email client. I am concerned that this may have effected my click through a bit. My clients are talking about this last one though. I am very confident that I have made a good decision here and I am going to put a good deal of time and effort into the ones I send. I am planning 1 informational and coupon letter around the first of each month and a product special oriented news letter mid month.

The crude news letters I did send previously did produce one important result that motivated me to look into something more professional. My clients get busy and forget to schedule. If nothing else, many of them told me just seeing my email reminded them to schedule. CC adds a whole new dimension and I can't wait to work this puppy for all it is worth.

Sorry to ramble on, most of you really reinforced and motivated my thinking so I wanted to share my results in return. Thank you all very much!

PS, the one stat I am most proud of so far... No opt outs...

Michael Tucker
a.k.a. DR. Hair