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feedback from the employee benefits industry

I work closely with firms in the employee benefits industry and a friend who just returned from a convesntion saif that e-mail topics are a high priority for the companies attending. Employee benefits industry was an early and heavy adapter of e-mail technology and apparently now is worried about the course taken. Hot topics include:
1. If required contract delivery and disclosure documents may be legally given by e-mail but an employee gives a wrong e-mail address have federal and state disclosure and delivery requirements been met?
2. Same as above but when a spam filter removes the e-mail or required atachments.
3. If benefits are available only online with no alternate delivery method, can this be discriminatory under ERISA to those who do not use e-mail?
4. Why are e-mail confirmation and Web site log in rates so low even when used for delivery of important and valable information to employees. (In other words why are 80%+ of employees not bothering to look at their account statements?).
5. What can be done to improve privacy and security in general without further reducing actual delivery rates.