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Style Text Using the Third-Generation Editor [Discussion]


You've chosen your template, but now you need to make it look more like your brand, including the text styles.


Starting at the template level is the quickest way to apply text styles, but you can also update individual blocks with different styles for contrast or emphasis.


We recently updated the editor to include bullets, numbers, and line spacing! Learn more about how to style text using the Third-Generation Editor. 


Hey! I'm Nick and I am the Social Media & Content Manager for the Community and Social Care team here at Constant Contact, aka @CTCTHelp on Twitter. When I'm not at work you can find me kayaking, hiking, and reading.

CTCT Employee

Hello @GinaR521,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! If you are copying and pasting your text into the newsletter, you may want to try typing it in manually to prevent any extra line spacing. If you are typing it in manually and your text is still double spaced, click on this helpful article here to see how to edit the line spacing and change it from double space to single space. 

Thanks for the suggestion, @Zoe-H. However, I was not copying/pasting text, I was typing it manually into the email. I did change the text from double space to single space as the article instructed, but unfortunately the spacing was definitely NOT single space. I did find a work-around, though, and instead of dragging over a new text box, I used a box with an image block in it and deleted the image block. When I "returned" text in that box, the spacing was single. I think this may be a glitch in Constant Contact and someone needs to check it out. The "1" in spacing does NOT revert to single spacing!!
CTCT Employee

Hello @GinaR521,


Thank you for that information! I apologize that the line spacing feature was not working as you wanted it to. I am glad that you found a workaround, but we would like to do some more research on why the original feature is not working. Would you mind emailing us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot) a description of your issue, a screenshot of your issue, and the exact title of the newsletter this is happening in? Thank you! 

All Star

I am trying to add multiple spaces between words in a heading and it seems to be adjusted each time and removes any multiple spaces.  For instance, I would like to have a heading with date formatted as such: 

M A R C H  3 1 ,  2 0 1 9


Each time, the system adjusts the multiple spaces between "March" and "31" as well as the two spaces between the comma and the year.  Is there a way to force multiple spaces?

CTCT Employee

Hello @MattS651,


I completely understand why you would like to force multiple spaces in between your letters in your header. I apologize but at the moment we do not have a way to hard code those spaces inside of a newsletter. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Something you may be able to try is holding down the Ctrl and Shift keys as you press the Spacebar. That might insert a space in between your letters that won't break.