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Adding Multiple Users To Your Account


UpdatedMarch 2018


Many account owners find the need to give others access to their Constant Contact account, however some may be afraid to give full access to personal and/or sensitive information stored within the account. Fear no more! It is now possible for you to create additional user log-ins for your account with varying levels of access and provide them with their own login credentials.

You can assign a role to your additional users to restrict their access in the account while allowing them to contribute to the campaign.  The roles available for your account are:

There are different ways each user will be limited depends on the assigned role. If you're not sure which role to assign to someone, check out what an Account Manager can do, and what a Campaign Creator can do.

The number of additional users available depends on your pricing package. See how many users you can add by going to the upper right corner of your screen and clicking the Profile Icon and then Plans & Pricing.

As an account owner, you can add additional users to your account, edit the user information, and deactivate users that no longer need access (they can be reactivated later).   Here is how:

  1. Click the Profile Icon and then My Account.
  2.  On the right-hand side, click "Add Users" or “Manage Users” in the Account User section depending on what you want to do..
    Add users
  3.  Fill out the required fields for the new user, including selecting their role, then click Save.
    MY account

    Now you have multiple people able to use your account but without you having to give out your login credentials.  



Hi @AnnieMaloneCFS

Thanks for posting! To see what user you are logged in as you will want to click "My Account" and then you should see who you are logged in as. Here's how this will look:


Please note, I did blur the email address on this account for privacy. 


Hope this helps, 


@Lou_Sander wrote:

Good work, Eric. Based on a few things I've seen from you, you have a talent for explaining how the Constant Contact system works. The people in charge of the system are, IMHO, notably clueless in explaining it. We shouldn't have to come to this not-so-smoothly-working forum to find how to work the stuff we are paying for. Maybe you should apply for a transfer to whatever department is in charge of documenting your product's features. They need your talent. 


PS - Please replace your picture with one without the hoodie. It give a bad impression. 


PPS - How do we give you a kudo? (Like most CC things, it isn't intuitively obvious, and it doesn't seem to be explained anywhere.)

I know this is an old post, but I have to say, you have a lot of nerve.  Who cares if the guy likes to where a hoodie or not?


In the spirit of dishing out desultory advice, let me take a swing at it.  Eric, go get a second hoodie.  Put it over the first hoodie, but backwards.  Then, cut out two eye holes as well as a hole for your mouth and pull that hood over the other hood.  Oh yeah, and keep doing good work!  Maybe Lou will balance a treat on your nose if you're real lucky.

All Star

Right now, we have the one admin plan. Before considering an upgrade, I'm trying to figure out how this works. I see lots of old posts about changes not saving because two people have been in the tool at the same time. That just is not acceptable for a business with multiple locations. We'd prefer not to have to purchase multiple accounts because that is more money however.


I'm interested in finding out... if we have multiple users, can they be granted access only to the campaigns they create. I imagine a tool where I have full control and viewing and editing ability over everything within our account. And other users can be added who only have access to create new campaigns but cannot edit or change the campaigns I've created.


Is this possible?

CTCT Employee

Hello MariaI62,


When working with multiple users within an account changes only do not save if two users are working within the same email campaign at the same time. Basically, each user is overriding each others changes within the campaign. Now if each user is working in their own seperate campaign this issue should not occur. 


Also, a great way to organize campaigns that are created by different users is to create folders on your my campaigns page. 

You can find directions on how to do so here.


I hope this was helpful to you. Let us know if you need any assistance!

I want to add myself as a user to our Constant Contact account and save my own settings. Do I need another license?