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Adding Multiple Users To Your Account


UpdatedMarch 2018


Many account owners find the need to give others access to their Constant Contact account, however some may be afraid to give full access to personal and/or sensitive information stored within the account. Fear no more! It is now possible for you to create additional user log-ins for your account with varying levels of access and provide them with their own login credentials.

You can assign a role to your additional users to restrict their access in the account while allowing them to contribute to the campaign.  The roles available for your account are:

There are different ways each user will be limited depends on the assigned role. If you're not sure which role to assign to someone, check out what an Account Manager can do, and what a Campaign Creator can do.

The number of additional users available depends on your pricing package. See how many users you can add by going to the upper right corner of your screen and clicking the Profile Icon and then Plans & Pricing.

As an account owner, you can add additional users to your account, edit the user information, and deactivate users that no longer need access (they can be reactivated later).   Here is how:

  1. Click the Profile Icon and then My Account.
  2.  On the right-hand side, click "Add Users" or “Manage Users” in the Account User section depending on what you want to do..
    Add users
  3.  Fill out the required fields for the new user, including selecting their role, then click Save.
    MY account

    Now you have multiple people able to use your account but without you having to give out your login credentials.  



Hi Phyllis,

What do you mean by labels? You can add up to 9 users on the account since you are the account owner. To add a user:


1. Login, click "My Account" at the top of the page.

2. Click "Account Users" in the yellow menu bar. 

3. Click "Add New User" in the Account User section.

4. Fill out the required fields.

5. Click Submit.


Can you try this out and let me know if you are still having trouble? We've also got an FAQ with more directions if you would like to take a look at this too!


All Star

Good work, Eric. Based on a few things I've seen from you, you have a talent for explaining how the Constant Contact system works. The people in charge of the system are, IMHO, notably clueless in explaining it. We shouldn't have to come to this not-so-smoothly-working forum to find how to work the stuff we are paying for. Maybe you should apply for a transfer to whatever department is in charge of documenting your product's features. They need your talent. 


PS - Please replace your picture with one without the hoodie. It give a bad impression. 


PPS - How do we give you a kudo? (Like most CC things, it isn't intuitively obvious, and it doesn't seem to be explained anywhere.)

Occasional Visitor
This is seriously not user friendly or making my ability to get in and get out a real problem.

Thanks for your feedback on this. At this time you are not able to set different permissions for users on the account but you can create up to 9 users that will not have access to your billing information, be able to add or cancel products or cancel the account. 


What permissions would you like to see in the future? 

Solution Provider

Hi there, we are evaluating CC as our service. Is there a way now to do separate users? My goal is to create a way for us to have our own logins customizing our own emails/branding, but sharing some of the same distribution lists. 


Is this functionality available yet?