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Click Segmentation - Available in the Third-Generation Editor!


You created a great campaign and have set up all of your links correctly. Maybe you're trying to drive traffic to your website or have a free download available for your contacts. But how can you easily target those contacts who showed interest by clicking a link in your email in future mailings with more relevant content? With the Click Segmentation feature available in our third-generation editor, you will be able to set links to automatically add contacts to a list when they click on a link, helping you better identify the interests of each contact and send them more targeted emails!




In just a few steps, you can set up a link to enable Click Segmentation. So how can you use this to further engage with your contacts? Let's find out!


"So what is this whole segmenting business?"


Segmenting contacts is a marketing best practice, especially if you have a large list or you have several audiences that you send emails to. It is the best way to make sure that you're sending out the right emails to the right contacts. As an example, if you own a boutique that sells some high-end items, you want to target those contacts who are willing to spend money! Using Click Segmentation, any contact who clicks on a link to a higher-priced item in your email will be added to a list. In the future, you can send an email catered to these contacts who show an interest in higher-priced items.


"That's great! But how I can I engage with them sooner?"


If you have our Email Plus package, you can trigger an Autoresponder email or a series of emails to send automatically to contacts who show an interest in one of your links! Let's say you own a fitness studio and you want to get more people to sign up for your classes. If you insert a link to your class schedule and a contact clicks on it, after setting up Click Segmentation you can send them an automated follow-up email with an invitation to join the class and maybe even include a free class pass. 


Let us know how you'll be using this for your business or organization. As always, we'll be here if you have any questions.


I am the Community and Social Care Manager at Constant Contact. I love being able to assist our customers here in the Community and through social media and help them succeed with their email marketing. Outside of work, I like to read, find the best taco around, and plan my next adventure.

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I am excited about this option. We have been doing this, but manually adding people who click a link to a list that is receiving an autoresponder series. Thinking this will be easier, though it seems like the coding may add a lot to the work. We'll see.


Hi @JulieL34. We're excited about this feature as well! Please let us know if you have any questions while inserting your link or creating your Autoresponder. We'll be here to help.

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Is there an additional charge for using the third generation editor?

CTCT Employee



That is a great question! There is no additional charge to use the third generation editor. Please email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your username and a reference to this post and we will get your account switched over.


Is it possible to use dynamic links with the click segmentation feature? I like to pre-fill our lead capture forms with known data when possible.