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Convert a PDF to an Image


You create a beautiful template as a PDF but when you go to insert it into your email campaign—it’s not there! You check that it is in your Library at least three times at this point, however you still don’t see it when trying to insert it in the campaign. 

Don’t worry; you’re not doing anything wrong. PDFs are considered a document, not an image. We offer the ability to upload them into your library because we host images and documents for you and they can be hyperlinked in an email campaign.


There are third party websites and applications that will convert a PDF to an image for you. What we have gone and done is cut out the middle man and have designed a built-in workaround to save you the time and hassle of having to search.


When you are in the process of uploading a PDF a message will display above the PDF thumbnail icon letting you know how to convert the PDF into an image. This Knowledge Base article will walk you through the steps of uploading a document if you aren’t familiar with them.


In case you are familiar with the steps but haven’t noticed the warning message here is what to look for:


pic 1.png


It’s pretty simple overall once you break it down, although there are some things to consider:


  • The converted image should appear within the acceptable dimensions for an email template, however sometimes people have PDF files where the dimensions are in the thousands of pixels and might have smaller text that you can zoom in to read on a PDF, but once it’s an image the text will be formatted and might appear smaller than you would like. Just keep this in mind when you think about using the conversion tool.
  • PDFs are great because they’re a universal and widely used file format. You can even put multiple URL links in them and clicking on them will take you to the desired page! However, once a PDF is converted to a PNG file all links become defunct. I recommend if you are designing a PDF with using this conversion method in mind, only provide one or no link in the design. We do allow you to hyperlink an image to a single URL and here’s a Knowledge Base article on how to do that.
  • I suggest when designing the PDF it be more graphics than text. In part because of the reason I stated above where your text might not appear as designed. Bigger text is preferable, though I encourage you to use our built-in text blocks in the editor to format your text.
  • Most, if not all, email clients give you the option to automatically download or manually download images in your emails. If the entire campaign is one big image file and the contact’s email client is set to manually download the images when the person opens the email they might see, well, nothing. By separating the graphics and the text it will give some indication that they aren’t missing anything if they don’t notice the images aren’t downloaded.

And here’s a TIP! You can convert the PDF to an image and upload the PDF to the Library at the same time. If you don’t have something in mind to link the converted image to, consider linking it to the PDF version of the image! We provide you with a File URL on any image or document you upload to the Library.


Ultimately, the PDF to Image converter is incredibly useful especially when you commission a graphic from a designer and they deliver it in PDF form.


What do you think of the new tool? Have any advice to share with the Community?


Hey! I'm Nick and I am the Social Media & Content Manager for the Community and Social Care team here at Constant Contact, aka @CTCTHelp on Twitter. When I'm not at work you can find me kayaking, hiking, and reading.

All Star

Hi Nick.  Thanks for the detailed instructions on how to convert a PDF to an image.  


Unfortunately, one of the best parts of a PDF IS the ability to have multiple links.  Will CC update their software to allow for PDFs to be uploaded, in a non-link format, in the future?  


Hello @JustinH485,


Great question and I agree it is a cool aspect of what makes PDFs so useful. There are no concrete plans to implement that feature at this time, but we're always looking for feedback from our customers. I'll make sure to track this feature on your account so it gets in front of the right product team for review. I also encourage you to check out our Feedback area for insight into what other customers are requesting and to share any additional feedback you might have!


I have tried to create an image from a PDF, but it gives me an error message that it was not successfully created. Why might that be?

CTCT Employee

Hi @EricL2,


Thanks for reaching out about this, and I'm sorry you can't save your PDF as an image! First make sure the size of the PDF isn't more than 5MB. You'll need to compress it if it is as the Library won't allow for files larger than this. Also, the file name of your PDF cannot include a dash. If it does, please rename it and try saving it again. (Note: the file name must also contain at least three or more characters.) If you're still not able to save your PDF as an image please send us an email to social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com along with your username, a reference to this post and your PDF so we can further troubleshoot for you.


Occasional Visitor

Hi, I am having an issue with the colors in the PDF to image tool. Any reason why they appear to be off and how I can fix? Thanks!