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You deserve the best.
Beginning Saturday 2/15 we will be upgrading our phone system to ensure we are providing you with the best possible experience.
Due to this upgrade, we will be limited to Chat support only on Saturday from 10-8 pm ET.
On Monday, President's Day, we plan to have both Chat and Phone support available from 10-6 pm ET on the new system.
Thank you for your patience while we make these important updates.

Determining the Right Service for You

CTCT Employee

Do you ever feel the pressure of marketing your business online, but are always pressed for time? Or do you have no idea where to start with utilizing your Constant Contact account? If you answered yes to either of these problematic questions -- we have the solution! At Constant Contact, we are here to help and want to provide you with the right professional service to make you and your business successful. The professional services we offer are known as Marketing Advisor, Personal Marketer, and Full Service.

Marketing Advisor
Constant Contact has so many great resources available that go beyond sending emails. We want to help you optimize your account features such as List Segmentation, Sign-up Forms, Integrations, Autoresponder, Survey, and Polls. For some, the available options can be a bit overwhelming, but that is where your Marketing Advisor comes in!

Our Marketing Advisor service helps customers save time by guiding you on where to start and how to utilize available tools to connect with your contacts. Your dedicated Marketing Advisor will show you how to create emails, educate you on best practices, and provide suggestions on content based upon your business goals.

Personal Marketer
This service takes the work off of your plate so you can focus on your business and helps you meet your individual goals. Examples of great goals to start with include: gaining new contact sign-ups, growing the amount of open and click rates on sent emails, and maintaining relationships with existing contacts. Your marketing manager will create and design emails with your provided content, interpret reports, and track engagement growth. These steps taken will ensure your pathway to success.

Full Service
Need something more hands-off? Then our Full-Service is right for you! Your Full-Service consultant will write your email content, create and send emails, focus on growing your contact list, and post to social media on your behalf. Your consultant will always provide you with drafts to get your approval on the content.

Whether you are pressed for time or struggling with your online marketing, we have a professional service to fit your needs. The first step is determining which service is right for you, and then allowing us to guide you from there. With Constant Contact, you have the tools, and our professional services staff provides you the marketing expertise. Let’s work together on creating your success!

We want to hear from you! From 9/30/19 to 10/27/19, our marketers from all three services are keeping a close eye on this page. So ask us any questions about our services!

And for being such engaging participants, one reply to this post gets you an entry in our Professional Services Week Giveaway! That's right. Just reply to this thread and you get a chance of trying the professional service of your choice -- for free!

*No Purchase Necessary. For Official Rules, visit our official rules page. Professional Services Week Giveaway ends on October 27, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST.


UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who participated in our Giveaway! The entry period is now closed! But that doesn't mean we still don't want to hear from you! If you still have questions about the services we offer, please let us know! 


Marketing Advisor


Thanks for replying, and being interested in how we can help in regard to in-person training, and what services that we offer which could help with your list growth! We definitely do a form of in-person training in live Seminars. If you check out this part of our blog page, it'll show you upcoming Seminar Dates and Locations which you could attend. Some of these seminars are free, and some of them aren't. It depends on which Seminar that you are interested in attending. However, these Seminars are a great learning opportunity and I would definitely recommend checking them out!


In regard to the list growth or gaining more subscribers, you'll find that all of our Professional Services offer different levels of assistance in that regard. With Marketing Advisor, you'll actually be able to get coaching and guidance on the tools that we have and what business best practices tend to be successful. If you actually wanted someone to create a list-growth tool for you, and then put that tool on your website (whether it be a pop-up or inline form), then you'll likely be more interested in our Full-Service Marketing Team or getting assistance with the Personal Marketer Service.


The Full Service Marketing team will have a more hands-off approach where they (with your permission) actually will create and post content on your behalf, and will not only create a branded pop-up form but install it. The Personal Marketer would focus on assisting you with the email marketing campaigns (but not creating content), and would also give you a branded sign-up form, but not install it on your website for you. I hope this helps. Please respond back to me if you have any other questions on our Services!


Also, @RickM171 @NealH43 @NinaB825 , thanks for your interest! What service in particular is piquing your interest? 

CTCT Employee

@StephanieW796 Sounds like a fun time! Social media can be a powerful tool for promoting your event, you can use Social Post to build awareness for your event and Facebook Ads to send users to a website or landing page to get more info. You can also use Facebook Lead Ads to collect contact information (including email addresses) for people interested in attending your event which will allow you to continue to market the event to them directly using email campaigns


During your event collect contact information so you can keep in contact with event attendees after the event is finished. There are a wide variety of tools available in your Constant Contact account, I would recommend starting with a Landing Page Sign-up Form or even better, if you have an iOS or Android tablet you can use the Constant Contact List Builder app to collect contact details straight into your account. You can also use the Text to Join feature to allow attendees to sign-up for your lists via SMS messaging.


Constant Contact also offers several levels of marketing assistance if you decide you need help, or do not have the time to do it all yourself. just reach out!

Solution Provider

Im interested in attracting new prospects through FB and Google.  It appears FB & Google offers more features directly but so unfriendly.  Not intuitive. I work in the real estate marketplace for home inspections, renovation loans and more.  It would be great to brainstorm with a professional.


Would love to be able to have someone help guide us as a small non-profit to market our services better to the public!

Marketing Advisor

Hey @CalTRC, and @SDInspector ,


We appreciate your comments! It's fantastic that you are curious about our Professional Services and what we can provide for you and your business needs. 


Utilizing our Professional Services can help you accomplish the goals that you have. If you're having problems with attracting new contacts and can't find an intuitive and easy way to set up your list growth tools, we can have a member of our Full Service Team actually do it for you and get you on the right track for your contact growth. Furthermore, you can also work with a Marketing Advisor in order to have someone guide you through our Social Ad Options and what would work well for your business.


With both of these services, you get a dedicated point of contact that help guide how to market your business, brainstorm ideas together, and get you on the right track with your email and social media marketing campaigns! Our team of Marketing Advisors are more than happy to help you take on the challenges of the Digital Marketing world with any business, and with virtually any Industry. I hope that his helps elaborate the value of the Professional Services that we offer. Feel free to reply to this post if you have any questions!