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Determining the Right Service for You

CTCT Employee

Do you ever feel the pressure of marketing your business online, but are always pressed for time? Or do you have no idea where to start with utilizing your Constant Contact account? If you answered yes to either of these problematic questions -- we have the solution! At Constant Contact, we are here to help and want to provide you with the right professional service to make you and your business successful. The professional services we offer are known as Marketing Advisor, Personal Marketer, and Full Service.

Marketing Advisor
Constant Contact has so many great resources available that go beyond sending emails. We want to help you optimize your account features such as List Segmentation, Sign-up Forms, Integrations, Autoresponder, Survey, and Polls. For some, the available options can be a bit overwhelming, but that is where your Marketing Advisor comes in!

Our Marketing Advisor service helps customers save time by guiding you on where to start and how to utilize available tools to connect with your contacts. Your dedicated Marketing Advisor will show you how to create emails, educate you on best practices, and provide suggestions on content based upon your business goals.

Personal Marketer
This service takes the work off of your plate so you can focus on your business and helps you meet your individual goals. Examples of great goals to start with include: gaining new contact sign-ups, growing the amount of open and click rates on sent emails, and maintaining relationships with existing contacts. Your marketing manager will create and design emails with your provided content, interpret reports, and track engagement growth. These steps taken will ensure your pathway to success.

Full Service
Need something more hands-off? Then our Full-Service is right for you! Your Full-Service consultant will write your email content, create and send emails, focus on growing your contact list, and post to social media on your behalf. Your consultant will always provide you with drafts to get your approval on the content.

Whether you are pressed for time or struggling with your online marketing, we have a professional service to fit your needs. The first step is determining which service is right for you, and then allowing us to guide you from there. With Constant Contact, you have the tools, and our professional services staff provides you the marketing expertise. Let’s work together on creating your success!

We want to hear from you! From 9/30/19 to 10/27/19, our marketers from all three services are keeping a close eye on this page. So ask us any questions about our services!

And for being such engaging participants, one reply to this post gets you an entry in our Professional Services Week Giveaway! That's right. Just reply to this thread and you get a chance of trying the professional service of your choice -- for free!

*No Purchase Necessary. For Official Rules, visit our official rules page. Professional Services Week Giveaway ends on October 27, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST.


UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who participated in our Giveaway! The entry period is now closed! But that doesn't mean we still don't want to hear from you! If you still have questions about the services we offer, please let us know! 



I'd love more information on the personal marketer.  Please register me for a free session!  Thank you.. I love Constant Contact!

Marketing Advisor

Hey, @user367479 


Thanks for you Reply! I'm glad that you're interested in our Professional Services and Personal Marketer in particular. The Personal Marketer Form Here gives you some more information on the Personal Marketer Service and what we can do for you. In summary, the Personal Marketer will provide you customized email templates (2 campaign deliverables), contact management, and account optimization services every month. In other words, you can think of it as a "do-it-with" you type of service where we work alongside you on your marketing goals and strategy. I think that you would find this a useful service for you if that is what you feel like you need. 


Plus, by replying to this post, you've already entered the Giveaway for a chance for a free trial for the service of your choice. For more contest details, click here. 


Let me know if you need further clarification.


Occasional Visitor

Are all 3 types of services based on a yearly plan? Or can they be used on an as needed basis?

Thanks for your prompt response.



Occasional Visitor

Entering the contest just under the wire!  I'm interested in the Marketing Advice and possibly a Personal Marketing service.  Fingers crossed.  And if not a winner, please send pricing info anyway.  I'll consider for my next budget.

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I interested in entering the contest.