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How To Use The 3GE Poll Block


Do you ever wish that you could know what your readers are thinking? Well, using our poll block, you have a fast and easy way to get feedback and information from your readers. Here's a quick FAQ that shows you how it works in our third-generation editor.


Let's say I owned a boutique and I was getting ready for fall (definitely a nicer thought than this cold New England winter weather!). For this example, I asked what my readers favorite fall fashion item was. I could use this information in a future email to promote new items, especially those that I know that my readers are interested in.  



Once your email is sent, you can go into the reporting for your campaign and click on Total Responses to view the results for your poll.



The great part of about this reporting is that you can even filter the poll by the responses and reach out to a specific group on contacts that answered a certain way. For instance, maybe I will be having a sale on boots and I really wanted to send that email to the contacts that said boots were their favorite fall fashion item. I can export those contacts and create a list of my readers who would probably love to know about my sale on boots! Or maybe you're a nonprofit and you've asked your contacts if they would be interested in volunteering at an event you may be hosting. By using the poll block, you now know who is interested in volunteering and you can contact them directly. What a great connection! 



As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! What will you use your Poll block for?


I am the Community and Social Care Manager at Constant Contact. I love being able to assist our customers here in the Community and through social media and help them succeed with their email marketing. Outside of work, I like to read, eat anything I can, sing loudly in my car, and plan my next adventure.

Valued Contributor

Can you use more than one poll block in an email? I would like to use it to offer a "quiz" type piece of content. Currently we have the quiz on our website as a list of questions, with the answers offered at another link. But we thought it might be a fun experience for our list to answer the questions from an email--then perhaps we would after a period of time send out the results. Currently the quiz has 10 questions but if there is a limit on the number of poll blocks maybe it could be split into 2 or 3 emails. Not ideal, but I think it would be better than the survey feature that requires clicking through to the survey page. ( there a way to embed the survey in an email? I think there isn't but perhaps I've missed something.)

CTCT Employee



Thank you for reaching out to the Community. That is a great question! You can certainly use multiple polls within your email campaign. I checked within our 3rd Generation editor, and it will allow you to add up to 10 poll blocks. You can click here for a video on adding a poll to your email campaign.


Our survey tool does require clicking a link to be taken to the survey page, rather than embedding the information within an email. However, our survey tool does allow for more customization on the types of answers to questions available such as multiple choice, rating on a scale or open-ended. For more information on our survey tool, you can click here.


In the meantime, if you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to us here. We are always happy to assist you in any way we can. 

Valued Contributor

How can I adjust the layout styles of the poll block? The way it comes into the email now the question is in regular weight type and the answers are in bold. This may work fine for a yes/no poll but is not so good for the quiz I am doing with multiple choice answers. There is an "edit layout" button but as far as I can tell it only allows me to change the background color. Also, is the 95 character limit on the question hard-and-fast, or can it be changed?

CTCT Employee



The poll blocks within our 3rd generation editor allow you to edit the question and add up to 10 answers. You can view the editing options by clicking here. I will submit your feedback to our developers about having more customization to this feature.


Please also let us know if there is anything else we can do for you. Thank you and enjoy your weekend!

Valued Contributor

That link you provided is how to edit the content but nothing about the styles. I guess you are saying you cannot change the styles.