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Include / Exclude Tags


I am super excited to reveal an oft-requested update to our “Tag” feature. You can now exclude tags when sending your campaign! This is a great addition to the product as it opens up more flexibility when scheduling your campaigns so you can ensure the right people get the right email. Please keep in mind this feature is only available in our Third Generation Editor

So, how does this work? Let’s take a look at an example of scheduling including a tag: We have a popular example to use around the support floor when discussing tags. “Imagine you’re a pet store owner and you cater to dog owners and cat owners. For simplicity’s sake, you have a general mailing list because many of your email campaigns are about store-wide promotions and events. But occasionally, you have something that really only benefits dog owners. This is where tags come into play. When you get to the scheduling page, after selecting your general mailing list, there will be an option to narrow recipients by tag. This way if you only want to send to dog owners you can select their tag and schedule away.”

Now, as you will see in the picture below, there is a way to exclude tags as well. And it’s super easy!

Let’s say you have one mailing list and three tags: Dog Owners, Cat Owners, and Bird Owners. You have a promotion that only targets dog owners and cat owners. Now you can choose to exclude bird owners from receiving the mailing. And who likes bird owners, anyway? Just kidding!



But wait, Nick. If I want to exclude bird owners why don’t I just select Dog Owners and Cat Owners and choose the option “Send only to contacts who are also tagged with?” You certainly could! So let’s look at an example where it would make more sense to exclude a particular tag:

Let’s say that you have created multiple lists for the different contacts you have met at conventions or events you have attended. You want to send out an end-of-year donation email but want to exclude the people who have already donated throughout the year. You have already gone through and tagged the contacts that made donations and are now ready to send the email. You choose to exclude the people with the “already donated” tag and off the email goes! As more people donate you can then go back and add more contacts to the “already donated” tag in case you need to send the email out again.

Tags transcend the boundaries of lists. You have multiple lists that serve specific functions or cater to specific audiences but sometimes you need to either target a group of people that overlap between the different lists or exclude a group of people where the content going out to all your lists isn’t relevant.

Anyone have successful tag stories? What do you find useful about using tags?


Hey! I'm Nick and I am the Social Media & Content Manager for the Community and Social Care team here at Constant Contact, aka @CTCTHelp on Twitter. When I'm not at work you can find me kayaking, hiking, and reading.

CTCT Employee



Thank you for reaching out to the Community! I'm sorry you were not able to locate the include/exclude by tag option. I took a look at your account and it appears your recent drafts are in our original editor, which is why you aren't seeing the different tag options. You can gain access to this feature by starting a new template in our third generation editor.


In the meantime, if you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to us here. We are always happy to assist you in any way we can.

Is this the feature that apparently is not available for those with over 10,000 contacts? Any update on when it might be available for those larger accounts?? I just started to get through to my staff to use tags to segment lists--instead of creating a million different lists that are merely subsets of other lists--and now that we've migrated to the third generation editor, this went away........ Thanks.

CTCT Employee

Hi @CulturalCouncilPBC,


Thank you for reaching out to us through the Community. You are correct that this is the feature that is currently not available for accounts that have over 10,000 contacts within their database. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause in not having this ability at the moment. However, I have submitted this request to our developers on your behalf. Hopefully, this feature will be possible for accounts with over 10,000 contacts in the near future. As a workaround, you can add the contacts you have tags for into separate lists and email out to those lists. With that being said, please let us know if you need assistance with anything else. 


Can I automatically tag someone if they get added to a specific Contact list, or do I have to do it manually?


Use case scenario: I have a contact list that I want to use as a suppression list. Contacts get added to this list dynamically. I want to schedule an email that excludes the users on this list. Do I have to remember to update the tags?

CTCT Employee

Hello @DonalM6,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I can understand how the use of a feature like this could benefit you in many ways. At this time, we do not currently have a feature like this available for use. Although this is not something we currently have, I'd be more than happy to submit your feedback to the correct department for review. Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist with today. Have a wonderful day!