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Including Emojis in the Subject Line for the Third-Generation Editor




Having the ability to include emojis in the subject line of a Constant Contact email has been a popular request from our customers. We are happy to let you know that this is now possible in our third-generation editor!


For those that don't know, emojis are small picture icons that represent objects, emotions, and actions. Including them in your subject line can help your campaign stand out and show a little bit of whimsy, if used appropriately. 


Here is a link to our article that will show you how to include emojis in your emails. But how can you make sure that you are using them correctly?


 1. Test, test, test!


We always recommend testing your emails before sending but this should definitely be done when including emojis. Different email clients and mobile devices can read emojis differently (or sometimes not at all). We suggest creating a list with your email on it and maybe a few others in order to test on different devices, email clients, and browsers. After testing, you can then make a copy and send your email to your contacts. 


 2. Use sparingly


Just like exclamation marks or other types of punctuation, too many emojis in a subject line can turn off readers and maybe even get your email marked as spam. Use emojis to capture an emotion or show the tone of your email, like using a happy face to show you're excited about an update you want to share. Or maybe you work with animals. Your contacts don't need to see a whole zoo so keep it simple with one or two animal emojis. 


3. Keep it relevant


Using seasonal and holiday emojis are a great way to stay relevant. The weather is getting warmer here and using a sun emoji would be great to add to a subject line about your business' summer hours. A financial institution may think that emojis are not for them, but there are plenty more conservative emojis that can be used in your subject line, such as a graph or a clock for time-sensitive information. 




Check out some additional best practices for using emojis in your subject line here!



We can't wait to see how our customers will be using emojis in their emails. Want to show off your creative subject line? Comment below with a screenshot! 


I am the Community and Social Care Manager at Constant Contact. I love being able to assist our customers here in the Community and through social media and help them succeed with their email marketing. Outside of work, I like to read, find the best taco around, and plan my next adventure.


Hello @BryceB43. Thanks for reaching out to us. I have just activated the third-generation editor in your account. Take a look at this FAQ that will show you the new features that are available and will help you make the change between the second and third generation editors. 


 Hi how do I access the third-generation editor?


Hi @MichaelS6880


I took a peek at your account and can see you do have access to our Third-Generation Editor. We have been rolling out this new editor to users in batches. This newest version of our editor is something you can see when you go to your "Campaigns" page and create a brand new email. If you make a copy of an email that was created or sent in our Second-Generation editor it will remain in that editor. Here is a helpful FAQ we have to help with moving from the Second-Generation to the Third-Generation Editor.

Regular Visitor

I am on the 3rd generation editor. I was able to successfully able to send an email with subject emojis: 🍇🍷Come Join Us🍷🍇 with the normal campaign email. However, when trying to send an event invitation with the same subject line, I get this: 🍇🍷Come Join Us🍷🍇. Is there a way to fix this or does not CC not support emojis in subject lines of event invitations yet? Thanks!


Hello @JillH54. At this time, event invitations created through the event product are not able to support emojis in the subject line since they are not created using the third-generation editor. We are looking into ways to improve our event product and I will submit your feedback over to the appropriate team.