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The New Unsubscribe Flow

CTCT Employee

It’s time to go with the flow, the Unsubscribe flow that is! Constant Contact is updating the look of the Unsubscribe process. We certainly don’t want your contacts to unsubscribe, but if they feel they need to we want it to be a smooth transition for them and make you look good in the process.


The process all begins with the customer deciding they no longer want to receive the mailings, so they scroll down to the bottom and click on the Unsubscribe link in the footer.



You’ll see the overall look of the landing page has been updated to be cleaner and more modern to reflect the professionalism of your business.



The Email Address field will pre-populate with the address of the person the campaign was originally sent to, even if the campaign is forwarded to a new recipient. If that happens and the new recipient believes they are on a mailing list they did not want to be on, it will still populate the address of the original recipient so they’ll realize they aren’t on the list.


But let’s say the person notices it isn’t their email address and types in their own and then hits unsubscribe. They will get the following error message:



When the original contact unsubscribes successfully they will be prompted by another page:



The page will give them the option to resubscribe if it was an accident or ask them to provide them a reason.


Whatever option the contact gives, the account user will be able to export this data for review.


And the final page, if they leave feedback:



Unsubscribe request granted and comments recorded!


If you have any questions regarding the change in the unsubscribe flow, please let us know!


Hi, my name is Nick and I have been working for Constant Contact since 2015. I assist customers with technical support through phones, social media, and the Community. I enjoy digging into the various features of the email editor and educating our customers on best practices when constructing their campaigns.


s there any way to change the listof prented reasons. For instance, can I change the wording or drop and add reasons? For instance change from


The contentis no longer relevant to me




I no longer home school



thanks in advance





CTCT Employee

Hello @RichI,


I appreciate you coming to the Community and thank you for the inquiry. It's a great question actually and while currently there is not a way to change the wording for the unsubscribe reasons it's a great idea I plan to forward to our product teams for further review.


If you have any additional ideas I always encourage people to check out our Feedback area and submit ideas for review by both our product teams and fellow customers to chime in and add to the chorus.