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Product News

Publishing your website can feel like a daunting task. Even with a template that takes care of the look and feel of your website, you still need to create the content for your pages. It’s easy once you know where to focus. You can publish your website quickly with just the essential pages you need to get yourself online. 


We recently hosted a webinar where we discussed the important pages you should be focusing on when publishing a website. A few highlights from the webinar included: 

  • The four questions your homepage must answer before you hit publish
  • The real purpose of your about page and how to create one your visitors want to read
  • How to make it easy for visitors to find and contact you
  • Tips for using images on these pages


In this post, you can watch the webinar in its entirety and read some of the questions asked by our attendees. Interested in our free, future webinars? Sign up here to stay informed!



A lot of people believe that delivering an email is as simple as clicking “send” and waiting a couple seconds for it to go to the inbox (or maybe the junk folder if it looks like spam).  In reality, there are a lot of checks and balances that an email campaign needs to go through before it can be successfully delivered. Every part of your message, be it the footer, body, images, subject line, and so on can affect delivery.  One aspect that is often overlooked is the “from” email address. In this post, I’ll go over how using a free email address as the “from” address can affect your delivery.