Automated services not working

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I have an automated email set to go out when a new contact is added to a contact list, i have generated a test contact, but nothing happens.. i see the contact list increase by 1 new contact, and the segment also increases by 1 new contact, but no email is sent out. any help would be much appreciated..
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Hi @KyleD0819. I reviewed the series in your account and created a copy called testtest. After reviewing the series, this was set up as a welcome email type series. Welcome emails will only trigger if the contact joins a list via a sign-up form, inline form, etc. Any contacts added manually will not receive the email. 


To create a welcome email for manually added contacts, you'll need to create the series as a multi-step series. This can be done by viewing the email and changing the series type to "Multi-Step > Contact joins a list. Once this new series is activated, any new contacts who are added to the list will receive the email. 




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