Bar at the top of email - how to edit sign up form

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Hi, I am trying to edit the bar that appears after the email sent. It does not show up when I am editing the email. A photo is attached below (hopefully). The circle on the right is the button I am referring to. It pulls up a very old sign up form that is not the one we have been using. The social media icons on the left are also not correct. Where can I edit this bar? Thanks in advance, I've looked everywhere on the site and can't find it.
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Photo attached for reference:

Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 1.48.42 PM.png


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Hello @FBCWilm ,


The bar itself cannot be edited at this time. The social media icons are for the Share functionality, so they'll open up the social platform with a pre-built post if the person who clicks it is logged into that social platform.


Regarding the landing page form link, that links to your account's default legacy landing page form. To edit this form, go to your Sign Up Forms tab, select the Legacy Landing Pages option at the bottom, and edit the one called "Sign Up Form."




For additional info, voting, and voicing of use cases to manage this bar in emails' webpage versions, please see this Feedback thread

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