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Hello friends!

Do you have a burning marketing question you'd like to have answered on the Be a Marketer podcast?
It’s my goal to make the Be a Marketer podcast your go-to resource for inspiration and practical advice.

To that end, this year, you’ll notice a new type of episode mixed in with our regular interviews.

These new “Ask Dave” episodes will feature my deep-dive answers to your burning marketing questions.

No question is too small.

So, if you’re a Constant Contact customer with a marketing dilemma that's been tripping you up. You can submit your question here for the opportunity to have it featured and answered on the show.

I WON'T be able to answer every question on the show, but I'll do my best! :smileyface:

I’m looking forward to your questions and sharing those “Ask Dave” episodes with you.
Ready to ask your question? Please reply with the following: 
  1. Your first name and role
  2. Name of the business
  3. The audience you're trying to reach
  4. Your marketing-related question
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