Beta Events application will not save terms text

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I am setting up a free event using the new beta event application. I want to include a required terms statement with the sign up form. I typed the statement up twice and saved it, but it does not save it. I have hidden the terms condition for now. I will try logging out of my account and logging back in. 

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Hello @ColleenCRME ,


I was able to get typed-in and copied text to save when adding it to an event in my own account, even when testing all the way up to the character limit. When doing so with the T&C text you were trying to add, I had no issues either. 


For some follow-up troubleshooting:

  • Was there a specific error that was showing when you'd attempt to save and publish, or when going back to the registration page editing?
  • Were you having any issues adding other text to either the informational or agreement sections?
  • Does adding the text you were wanting to the informational section, and just making the agreement text something basic like "I agree to the Terms above." allow it to save and display properly on your side?

William A
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