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After I just spent several hours building an enewsletter email, saving as I went along, why won't CC save it or send it????
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After I just spent hours writing and building an e newsletter, saving as I went along, why does the CC site suddenly balk and say it can't save or send my email????
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Hello @BetsyT14 ,


It sounds like you may be running into some connectivity issues when trying to access the site. Let’s start with some basic connectivity troubleshooting. Please keep in mind that when I say connectivity issues, I'm not necessarily referring to just your internet speed. There are a number of elements that can affect website connectivity and accessibility on an individual basis. 

The most common culprits are typically incompatible browser extensions, problematic caching or cookies that need to be cleared, or interference from an ad/pop-up blocker, VPN, or other security software erroneously trying to block elements from our site from functioning as intended. Temporarily disabling these tools, and then refreshing our site can help narrow down the source of the issues. Testing to see if the issue occurs on other browsers, in Incognito/Private mode, on other devices, or even other networks can also help narrow down the source of the problem.

Other potential issues could be excessively long campaigns, which result in increasingly more bandwidth being utilized to show the email and maintain autosaving. Too much, and it can cause severe lag or outright crashes, depending on your browser, internet provider, or device. Sometimes resetting your internet router, whether you're using wifi or ethernet, can alleviate such issues as well. Just like phones, computers, and TVs, even routers need the occasional reset or power off to run smoothly.

If none of those alleviate the issues, please call our general support number so they can continue troubleshooting with you live. If possible, please have a screenshot of your speed test, including the More Info section, ready for the phone agent.

See also:

Connectivity Troubleshooting FAQ

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