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CTCT working on Chrome

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Several months ago, CTCT stopped working for me on Chrome (latest update, Win 11 on an HP laptop). It was around when the "verify humanity" was added to log in. The site simply looped and looped after that box was checked. I had to go another browser to work. Telephone support said another person had called about the same problem, but I never heard back whether anyone had figured out the reason for the sudden change. This week, on a whim, I turned on my AVG VPN, and everything is fine. Usually, turning off a VPN is a troubleshooting step, not turning one on. Has anyone else encountered this?

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Hi @RonG. Without knowing how your browsers and network are set up, this could be related to a change in a browser setting instead of a VPN issue or an update in an extension. I recommend reviewing our article on browser compatibility and doing any troubleshooting if necessary to see if an extension or add-on could be affecting account loading.


Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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