Changes in Font/Format when shared to Facebook

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My weekly newsletter from Pembury Baptist Church is sent to my email contacts list and also posted on Facebook. Can you tell me why it looks exactly as I wrote it, font and design when viewed in emails but when posted on Facebook, the font changes on some of the boxes, or shrinks/grows? Also, I would like to know why the emails that are in the text to contact someone relating to an event or similar are 'email protected' and go nowhere even when I've made it a link to the email? Thank you - I look forward to your response. Blessings Jennifer

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Hello @JenniferR898 ,


I'm not able to recreate any of the issues you're describing from my side, on both my work and personal devices. The font, layout, and sizing is all perfectly matched between the webpage version that's posted to Facebook, the preview, and the test send. When I click the email links in the webpage version, it still prompts my work computer and cell phone to open our email programs and begin an email.


If you're encountering these issues, it's indicating that there's certain settings on your device that are either explicitly preventing the functionalities and affecting how your email displays, or haven't been setup as desired and causing these issues.


Are you encountering the issues on every device and browser you access the email webpage on, or just certain ones? Have any of your contacts said they've encountered the issues?

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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Hi William, thank you for your reply.  I will need to wait until next week now to try again and see if it was my fault rather than the email/links.  Sorry, I only work part time at Pembury Baptist Church and have other work the rest of the time so bear with! I'm very grateful for your speedy response.  That was brilliant.

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I am having the same problem with a protected email address within the body copy when it is posted to Facebook. Is it a Constant Contact setting or a Facebook setting?

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