Connecting to Magento without downloading all contacts?

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I have a store that has a ton of low quality contacts - the vast majority. When I connect using Magento's "integration" connection, ConstantContact starts downloading every contact for the last 10 years, which is 44000, so I disconnected it immediately. I obviously don't want to pay for 40,000 no-value contacts. Premium at just 15000 starts at 325/mo, so what would 45000 be? I have my own metrics for determining which of those contacts are valuable after using ChatGPT (at a $60/mo cost - an astounding value for what it offers) to segment the customer base according to my criteria. That worked very well, and I have my lists, I know who I want to target. I could easily import these lists and just deal with new customers manually.. but I want to take advantage of whatever automations and tools exist for newly acquired customers. So, what about going forward - I want ConstantContact to download all new customers, but I don't want it to do a full download of customers before today - or at least, I don't want to be charged for them. How can I use the system in a way that doesn't result in my monthly bill being some ridiculous amount? Yes, there is an implied relationship with these contacts since they placed at least one order, and I wish I could have those customers back, but the nature of our business is that most will never return, and not knowing what our open rate would be for even just the 20,000 one-and-done contacts from 5-10 years ago means I don't want to risk spending on them unnecessarily, not to mention the risk of them marking us as spam since they were from so long ago. We almost never did any kind of marketing to our existing customers, so who knows how they would respond. I am new to Constant Contact, so bear with me. I can see that I can import a list of unsubscribed contacts "from another provider", so I could create a file externally to import and unsub those low value contacts. But how does billing work exactly for the newly synced contacts? After the initial connection and sync to the store, there will be a moment when I have some large amount of contacts. Part of these came from a Magento 1 store, so when there was a migration to v2.4, and I just used a magento extension to export all orders from the v1.9 store and another to import them into v2. Therefore I am not sure if ConstantContact will consider these as subscribed. I'm guessing not.. but if they are, will CC do something like a daily average to calculate what it sees as number of active contacts? Or is the number of active contacts on a certain date? or is the max of active contacts for any day within the billing period? I just don't want to get hit with a $1000 bill for my first month without even sending an email. The knowledgebase articles "Active versus Inactive Contacts" and "How and when you're charged for Constant Contact" both should explain the "when" and "how" when it comes to this detail. Thanks!
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Hi @KennethL563. Using the Magneto integration will bring over all contacts from the account. I certainly understand that you may not want to have all these contacts living in your account if a large number of them are "low-quality". Since the integration doesn't have the functionality to sort out specific contacts by engagement or purchase date prior to upload, I suggest manually exporting the contacts you do want to engage with and importing them into your account.


Billing is based on the highest number of contacts in your account during a billing period. Even if you do not send to those contacts you imported through the integration and you deleted them right away, they still count towards the contact tier. I recommend contacting our Billing team before the end of your billing period to discuss what happened so they can see what they can do.


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