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I use Constant Contact as the means to deliver online classes that last 12-36 months as well as general mailing for my store and teaching. I have seen a trend in the last 24 months where a customer will buy a course for several thousand dollars and then unsubscribe after the next mailing which keeps me from delivering the content they paid for to them. My customer base is very loyal - I know most of them personally and communicate with them direct and often through my course discussion site - so I know when someone is engaged with me and I am not spamming them. My audience is older - 55-80 years old mostly females (i.e not the internet generation) and so I email them from my private email and ask why they have unsubscribed from the mailing lists (which of course hits everything in Constant Contact - not just the General list but the class specific lists). Uniformly they are horrified and tell me they haven't unsubscribed. This last one spent $3500 and the next day when an email went out, unsubscribed. After going back and forth - she has asked if it is her Outlook Email that is unsubscribing her. What does Constant Contact know about email clients getting auto-trigged to unsubscribe and what things are we doing in email building that triggers that?? This is becoming a big issue as long term customers with active engagements through courses are getting blocked out of emails for those courses. Tricia Nguyễn Thistle Threads, LLC
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Hi @PatriciaN41. We'd like to gather more information about these contacts to see what caused the unsubscribe. Please email us at communitysupport(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your username, a reference to your post, and some examples of contacts who did not unsubscribe themselves.


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