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Is anyone having issues with the email editor more so lately than normal? Not allowing me to do a hard return, forcing text up on the previous line, not holding font or size changes, overall formatting issues?
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Hi @FrippIsland. There aren't any widespread reported issues with editing text in a campaign. I saw you spoke with our support team shortly before posting here and the chat mentioned that the text was being edited in a table. Were you copying and pasting text into a table? If so, there is a noted issue with entering text with multiple lines into a table. As a workaround, you'll take the following steps:


- Before copying, place all text into a single line
- Copy the text
- Paste it into the table block
- Position the cursor in front of each word you intend to appear on a new line and hit Enter on the keyboard


This is only for instances where text is pasted into a table. Please let us know if the text is being entered outside of a table.


Caitlin M.
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