[Events 2.0] Events "Registration Date" time zone changes in all event "Registrants" list

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In Events 2.0, the Registration Date time zone displayed in the event "Registrants" list changes for all registrations after creating an event with a different time zone.


Scenario: Most events have an event time zone as Eastern Time (ET). The "Registration Date" time zone displayed under the event "Registrants:" column shows as "ET." However, after creating another event with a different event time zone, e.g., EET (Eastern Europe Time), all registrations for the Eastern Time (ET) zone events displayed in the "Registrants:" list changes to Eastern Europe Time (EET). 


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Hello @PeterT4965 ,


I'm not able to recreate this in my account at all. When I changed the time zone for an active event in my account, all the other events' registration pages, landing pages, and prior registrations stayed in the time zones originally set for them.


Is this happening with all events you have in your account? I tested in your account as well (and immediately switched back after confirming) just to see if it's something actively occurring in just yours, and every other event and its listed registrations time zones stayed in their original setting.

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