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Hi There... I am the Rental Program Manager for SeaSpray Condominiums. My Boss is Kim Montgomery, the property. We no longer have Cox as our internet and service provider, and the previous managers used thier Cox accounts to set up this account with you guys. Since Cox has been disconnected, we no longer have access and need help changing the emails on file, as we are completely locked out. One can only imagine the severity of the loss of such stored information... Can someone PLEASE call me @ 850-492-2200 or 850-291-2547 as soon as possible, please? We have Board Meetings all week and a couple rolling into the next week and we can't notice them, which we have to do by Florida law. Thanks In Advance, Casey Hunley
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Hi @c_hunley1. For account security, we are unable to assist with account access requests here in the Community. Please contact our Support team who can start the account access process with you. 


Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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