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Has anyone else had hyperlinks added to their newsletters without their knowledge? We noticed 2 links put in our most recent newsletter that we didn't add. They were both to Facebook pages (One for a company which we linked to their company website. And one for a person's personal Facebook page which we mentioned in the body of the text). The way we found them was they showed up as click-throughs on the newsletter reporting section. I couldn't even find them because they weren't highlighted so I did a page inspection and found the hyperlinks that way.
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Hello @HeatherS89365 ,


For the sake of troubleshooting:

  • Are the links to pages / people affiliated with your organization, or an organization you work with?
  • Did you copy the text of your email, including the text where the links showed up, from another source without clearing the formatting first?
  • Can you confirm that these links don't show on any other emails you've previously sent out?
  • Was the email you sent out copied from another one you've made in the past, or was it created/copied from a reusable template, or was it made from a template in the template picker?
  • Is your email's link formatting design defaults set to look like the rest of the text in your email?
  • Is there anyone else you would've had working on the email that would've inserted those links?

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