I am UPSET about Changes!! You left me hanging!

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I've been a constant contact client for about 14 years. And up to now I have been very pleased. However I am laying out my monthly newsletter, at the last minute, as usual. And I don't have a feature that I absolutely need - TEXT wrapping. I've wasted a lot of time searching the internet for the answer, which as a business owner, I do NOT have So, it l ooks like text rapping is no longer available in the program that I am using. Apparently it's only available in the cross device editor. So I searched the internet asking how to get this new editor. I can't find an answer. So I go into my account at Constant Contact hoping that it will be there and I can change over even if I have to pay more money. It's not there either I only have two plan choices Constant Contact, you have really left me hanging!! This is not the way to treat a loyal customer. I wonder if I can trust you with my business in the future. Gayla Owen
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Hi @GaylaO. You are using the most updated editor we offer. Please view our Knowledge Base article which outlines how to insert images to create a text wrap effect


Caitlin M.
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