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I need to add my Customer ID customer field to my campaign url. Following what I read about inserting a dynamic link, it should look something like this:[[custom.customer...]] But when I send myself a test and click on it, it comes up like this: What am I doing wrong? The custom filed should come up TEST1234 and go to my product page, but instead goes to a 404 error page.
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Hello @TomS44526 ,


You'd need to actually send the email, in order to fully test it, since custom field content won't show in test sends. Even if it's just sending to a single-contact list where you're the only contact, if you have something for that field, it should populate in the dynamic link if you've set it up correctly.


If it's still not working in a live sendout, and you feel that you've set up the custom field dynamic link correctly between your "test" contact's info and the email, then I'd advise calling our general support for live troubleshooting. 

William A
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