Maximum limit on number of Required Questions in a survey?

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I am creating a survey in which I want 8 questions to have required answers. However, after the first six required questions, the survey is not showing the 7th and 8th questions as required, even though I am activating the Required Question control. Is there a limit on how many required questions can be on a survey?
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Hello @CapeAnnChamber ,


There wouldn't be a hard cap on the required questions. Based on what you're describing and what I'm recreating while testing in my own account, it seems more that there's an issue with changes saving. I'd advise calling our general support so they can troubleshoot live, and collect additional info and screencaps while troubleshooting. 


Any information you can provide to the agent - what exactly you tried to change, if it does/doesn't reflect in the editor or preview, etc. can be beneficial for the devs while they investigate.

William A
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