My linked document doesn't show up in document window

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Help! Constant Contact is really misbehaving this weekend, My latest challenge is trying to upload a document linked to a text phrase. The uploaded document I have. uploaded doe not show up in the list of uploaded documents. I can't choose the document to link. I've done this fifty times over the years, but nothing is working.

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Hello @MichaelF6 ,


I checked your Library and the editor of your latest email. I'm not seeing any document you've recently uploaded, just an image repeatedly uploaded. The image is available in your account for insertion, whether you want to drag it over from the side, or replace an existing image block with it.


multiple uploads of same image.png


in editor.png


If you're not seeing this image available at all, you may need to clear your browser's cache, then exit and log back in. 

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