Need more customizable invitation templates in Events 2.0

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Are there plans to improve upon the event email templates available? I don't like the way the date, for example, shows up on these emails, and I sometimes want to edit the text (i.e., the way the start & end time of the event shows up; why does it say "May 2nd, 4:30pm - May 2nd, 7:30pm" instead of just "May 2nd, 4:30pm-7:30pm" - i don't need an end date if it starts and ends on the same date. And if I uncheck the option for "show end date" then it won't show the end time, either.) I also can't edit the text at all, and I can't add additional elements next to the pre-populated elements (for example, i can't add an extra image or text element in between the event description and the location - why???) And I can't remove a single element without deleting the whole thing. If I want to customize the invitation in any meaningful way, I usually just have to delete the whole thing and re-create the email from scratch.

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Hello @Bbeach ,


At this time, some elements of the event block are considered critical and necessary, and can't be deleted - e.g. the description, the date, and the location. The event block, much like a Read More block, is just built to pull specific information as dictated from the selected event's basics / settings. It will pull its formatting and styles from the defaults set in your email's Design tab.


For an overview of how the event block for emails works, please see our main article on the topic


If the default functionality of an event block isn't quite what you'd prefer for your email invites and landing pages, then you can still format these campaigns with regular image, text, and button blocks, and delete the default event block.

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