New to using events - questions about credit card payments

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We have a small non-profit and we're new to creating events using CC. We previously created on another platform (DonorPerfect) and are able to create without having to create a PayPal account to accept credit card payments. Is there any way to do this on ConstantContact without us having to create a PayPal account? The interface is much better and has a lot more features when creating events. The only downfall is we have to create a business PayPal account to accept payments, which are then filled with fees from both PayPal and ConstantContact. Am I missing something or maybe in the future will there be any other platforms introduced that will be able to accept the credit card payments without being forced to create PayPal?
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Hello @SeamensCenterDE ,


At this time, only PayPal is available as an online payment processor for events. Our devs are currently looking into contracting with other payment processors.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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Noted, thank you!

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