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Hello, I am reaching out because I feel like my open and click rate percentages have reached a plateau. The industry average is usually doubling the growth of our individual Constant Contact growth. Sometimes I think there is too much information on our Constant Contacts. Sometimes I think maybe it's because we just don't have a creative subject lines. I am at a loss as far as what to do to continue to grow. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you! Derek
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Hello @venturedfw ,


To start prompting additional insight from other users, would you be able to provide any insight on the following elements?

  • How often are you adding new contacts, thus growing your audience? How often are you checking for and removing your least-engaged?
  • How often are you sending emails? Are you sending them to your entire contact base, to specific lists, or a mix?
  • Do you use any of the subject line recommendations, or have you tried the AI tool for some basic prompts and suggestions to build subject lines?

From what I've seen of your emails, they don't appear too long or full of too much info, so I don't believe that would be your situation.

William A
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